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Welcome to

Whatever Group

Who are we?

In business the team matters the most. Our team is consists of Business and Creative professionals. Together we have:

  • Over 110 M viewers in different medias

  • Over 1 K theatre pieces

  • Over 6 M funding gained for our clients

  • 101 years of life experience

  • 13 fitting suits

  • a desire to help you

  • 5 enterprises

  • 1 exit

  • 14 years of experience as entrepreneurs

  • 11 pairs of shiny leather shoes

  • 9 pairs of cool Converse sneakers


do we do?

Our business ventures are three-fold: 


Whatevergroup works as a consulting agency and a creative consultant in construction projects with a need for a special concept. Whatevergroup also manufactures special building elements for entertainment and travel industries.

Whatever Coaching works as a performance consultant helping its clients reach their audiences and clients better and gather bigger investments on their funding rounds.

Everwhat Productions is a TV and Film Production company creating its own IPs and delivering them all around the world.

who do we work for?

Our past and current clients include for example:

  • Santa Claus Office

  • Lapland Safaris

  • Hartela

  • Elisa Viihde

  • Rovaniemen matkailu ja markkinointi

  • Janson Media

  • University of Oulu

  • University of Turku

  • City of Oulu

  • Lapin ensi- ja turvakoti

  • Santa Claus Reindeer

  • ETV

  • Pebble TV

  • Amazon Prime

  • Ameba TV

  • Toon Goggles

  • Voimala 1889